Canning or Bottling

Delicious pickles and relishes; novel jams and jellies; fermented foods; sauces that add zest to any recipe – all are acid or acidified foods that require special care if packaged and shelf stable.

The Regulations

  • Contact a Licensing Specialist (608) 224-4923 or Email:
  • Decision Tree: Is my product an ‘acidified low-acid food or beverage?’ (Handout)
  • FDA Regulations – Acidified Foods (21 CFR 114)
  • Guidelines for Industry – Acidified Foods (FDA, 2010)
  • Wisconsin’s ‘Pickle Bill’ – Wisconsin Act 101 (2009)  Home-Canned Foods (Learn more…)
  • Wisconsin Food Processing Plant Regulations (ATCP70)
  • Wisconsin Retail Food Establishment Regulations (ATCP75)

Working with a Processing Authority

  • Canning or Bottling in Wisconsin: A Step-by-Step Guide (Learn more…)
  • Canning or Bottling: Working with a Processing Authority (Learn more…)
  • Contact a Food Testing Laboratory (Wisconsin)
  • Find a Processing Authority – National Directory (AFDO)
  • National Center for Home Food Preservation (recipes) (University of Georgia)

Processing and Packaging

  • Developing a Hot-Fill-Hold Process (Handout)
  • Cold-Fill-Hold Processes for Acidic Foods (Handout)
  • Standardized Fruit Gels (Handout)
  • Understanding GMPs for Sauces and Dressings (Handout)
  • W. B. Bottle (packaging experts in Milwaukee, WI) Visit their website
  • Food Product Labeling (DATCP)
  • Packaged Food Labeling Guidance (DATCP)
  • FDA Testing Guidelines for Flexible and Semi-Rigid Containers (Handout)
  • Selection of Food Containers: Glass Jars (Handout)

Keeping Records

FDA Filing & Supporting Documents