Starting a Food Business

Interested in starting a food business in Wisconsin? Regulations and tips to help you take your recipe to reality.


Starting a Food Business in Wisconsin (Read More…)

  • Contact a Licensing Specialist (608) 224-4923 or Email:
  • Contact a Food Testing Laboratory (Directory)
  • Find a Processing Authority (Directory)
  • Food Safety and Licensing Guide (Wisconsin)
  • Information for Food Entrepreneurs in Wisconsin (DATCP)
  • Local Food Marketing Guide (DATCP)
  • More on Food Licenses (DATCP)
  • Wisconsin Food Processing Plant Regulations (ATCP 70)
  • Wisconsin Retail Food Establishment Regulations (ATCP 75)

Find Out More

  • Licenses and Homemade Baked Goods (DATCP)
  • Selling Home Canned Foods (in Wisconsin) (DATCP)
  • Quick Tips for Farm Market Vendors (Find out more…)

Help for Your Business

  • Food Finance Institute (Wisconsin). Your source for making money in the food business.
  • Small Business Development Centers (Wisconsin). Learn how to launch a strong, successful company.
  • Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (Wisconsin). Putting dreams to work since 1987.

Extension educators in Wisconsin can help make your dream a reality. (Find out more…)