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Critical Limit Validation

  • Appendix A – FSIS Cooking Guideline for Meat and Poultry Products (2021) (Cooking)
  • Appendix B – FSIS Stabilization Guideline for Meat and Poultry Products (2021) (Cooling)
  • Fermentation Degree Hour Scientific Support [Blue Ribbon Task Force]
  • Beef Jerky – Critical Limit Summary for Whole Muscle Beef Jerky  (University of Wisconsin) (Research paper)
  • Shelf Stability of Fully Cooked, RTE Meat Products (CL Summary) (University of Wisconsin  )*
  • THERM – Raw Products Critical Limit Table (University of Wisconsin)* supports temporary non-refrigerated holding of raw meat and poultry products
  • Tompkins Paper (Scientific Justification for Low Temperature Critical Limits) (Handout)

*Research publications linked below.

Food Safety Support 

Research Publications*

Raw Product – THERM

Pork (Table 3), Beef (Table 4), Poultry (Table 5): Ingham, S.C., M.A. Fanslau, G.M. Burnham, B.H. Ingham, J.P. Norback, and D.W. Schaffner. 2007. Predicting pathogen growth during short-term temperature abuse of raw pork, beef, and poultry products: use of an isothermal-based predictive tool. Journal of Food Protection 70(6): 1445-1456.  Here

Sausage (Table 3): Ingham, S.C., B.H. Ingham, D. Borneman, E. Jaussaud, E.L. Schoeller, N. Hoftiezer, L. Schwartzburg, G.M. Burnham, and J.P. Norback. 2009. Predicting pathogen growth during short-term temperature abuse of raw sausage. Journal of Food Protection 72(1): 75-84. Here

Tompkin, R.B. 1996. The significance of time-temperature growth of foodborne pathogens during refrigeration at 40-50°F. Presented during the Joint FSIS/FDA Conference on Time/Temperature. November 18, Washington, DC. Here

Shelf Stability  of Fully Cooked Meat Products Based on pH and Water Activity

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