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Keeping You Informed


Manufacture of Acidified Canned Foods

Information is available to help small businesses in Wisconsin that process salsa, pickles and other acidified foods for sale.



Your gateway to food safety information from the U.S. govenment and government agencies.


Selecting and Serving Safe Fresh Produce

Recent data suggest that increasingly fresh produce is linked to foodborne illnesses. The FDA offers information on selecting and serving safe produce for your family.


Safe Home Food Preservation

Saving the bounty of your garden as delicious home-preserved food can be rewarding. Be sure to follow safe, tested recipes for maximum enjoyment. NEW! webinars posted every few weeks.

Ask Karen!

Ask Karen

Ask Karen is the new food safety information service available from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Now, automated food safety information is available 24/7 on the prevention of foodborne illness, as well as the safe handling, preparation and storage of meat, poultry and egg products.


my gov

ChooseMyPlate.gov helps you focus on key behaviors:

- Enjoy food, but eat less.
- Avoid oversized portions.
- Make half your plate fruits & veggies.
- Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
- Switch to fat-free or low-fat milk.
- Compare sodium in foods.
- Make half your grains whole.

UW-Extension Resources




University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension




UW-Extension educators are available across the state to help answer your questions. Fast access to your county office is here. There are also state specialists in areas such as agriculture and family living.

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